Top Tips for the Perfect Label Design for Water Bottles for Promotional Campaigns

If you have been serving bland and generic water bottles to your clients or at a promotional event, you are missing out on a golden promotional opportunity. Using water bottles with custom labels gives you an opportunity to enhance your business brand and help you get noticed.

But, when designing labels for the water bottles, you need to be extra careful. Since you will be investing some money into it, you need to ensure that you are making the most of this flexible promotional product.

Here are some of the top tips to ensure that the label for your water bottles are able to provide you with the results that you want –

  • You need to ensure that you make a statement with water bottles with custom labels. The message that you want to get across to the prospective buyers should be clear and concise. You need to ensure that your company logo and message is clearly Do not forget about printing your company’s contact information as well so that the customers can contact you easily.
  • The color of the label that you should also be part of your branding. The color you pick should pop and be consistent with your products or services that you deliver. You need to correlate the color of the label with the kind of product that you sell so that your clients can remember your brand name.
  • The label design you pick should be simple and should not be complicated. Using too much graphics can take away the company’s message from the label and people may find it irritating as well.

When designing the water bottles with custom labels, ensure that it is something that people will appreciate receiving. By keeping it simple, you can get the message across without spending too much money on promotional efforts.