What do maid service in san diego do?

Maids traditionally have a to-do-list that include cleaning, laundry, ironing, house cleaning, cooking, and even grocery shopping. However, maid services now are quite different from what was historically prevailing services in the past. With maid service in san diego, different types of house cleaning services are being offered. And the services may be provided by both individuals either male or female.

Types of cleaning services

  1. Regular Cleaning – includes the light cleaning duties so that households and business establishments will be clean and neatly organized. Often, they are handed down with a list o cleaning tasks like:
  • Dusting for baseboards, furniture tops, fans, chair railings, door panels, window sills, appliances, and just any surfaces that need it.
  • Vacuuming carpets and mopping floors
  • Emptying of wastebaskets
  • Clean and disinfects all spots in the house especially the bathroom
  • Disinfecting kitchen materials including kitchen tables
  • Make beds and change sheets as requested.
  1. Spring cleaning Tasks – all of the regular cleanings are still rendered but with some extra services for each cleaning task like:
  • Damp wiping of surfaces
  • Removal of cobwebs
  • Vacuuming pieces of furniture that are upholstered
  1. Move in/out Cleaning – is generally the same as spring cleaning but without the furniture. All the tasks from spring cleaning are still done but can be accompanied by some extras like cleaning inside of the refrigerators or cabinets.

What are the cleaning frequencies of recurring services?

These cleaning services are performed according to these cleaning frequencies but initial cleaning is first done regularly and after it, it will be accomplished on a recurring basis.

  • Weekly Schedule
  • Every two weeks or Bi-weekly Schedule
  • Every four weeks or Monthly Schedule

It is important to choose the kind of maid service in san diego that will give you peace of mind and more quality time with your family after work. The most sought services which have standard cleaning staffs and types of equipment are available and you can book them anytime online in just minutes.